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Implement the thermal power plant emission norms now.


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It is a known fact that air pollution causes asthma, reduced lung capacity, behavioral and cognitive problems, school absenteeism and altered immunity among children. Missed deadline of the implementation of the emission standards of coal power plants every year plays a huge role in it.

2020 marks three years since the initial deadline to bring toxic air emissions under control. Thermal Power Plants in India have sought several extensions and till date and are not adhering to the new standards. Now they are seeking another extension for at least 2 more years to implement the new standards.

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To protect the health of our children there needs to be no extension of deadlines to TPPs for implementing the new norms. Stop power companies from polluting our children’s air and choking their future.

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With every missed deadline of stricter norms implementation, Indian TPPs are causing an estimated:


new cases of childhood asthma



preterm births



number of premature deaths among children annually

Source: CREA

Press Note

Delay in Implementation of Emissions Standards from Coal Plants is Hurting the Health of Our Children – Doctors and Citizen Groups

A latest video released by leading doctors and citizen groups from all over India, showcases that missed deadline of the implementation of the emission standards of coal power plants every year causes irreparable damage to the health of the children. According to the video, missed deadline each year causes an estimated 88,000 cases of childhood asthma, 140,000 cases of pre-term births and 3900 premature deaths among children.

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