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A special art installation at the recently concluded COP26 captured the imagination of delegates and attendees alike. It was life-size polar bears wearing orange life jackets and migrating from the arctic due to melting ice-caps, as a result of climate change. The installation was done by Taiwanese eco artist, Vincent J F Huang, who has […]
Vincent JF Huang
By Vincent JF Huang
Over a hundred delegates along with several hundred protesters joined COP26 to put forth their views and voices on climate change. One such voice is Mark Shayler who is a sustainability activist for 32 years and spoke to PlucTV at length regarding his experience at COP26. “I was at COP26 and fundamentally, it was both […]
By mark
Why would a filmmaker choose to use his lens to document ‘frogs’? Maybe to tell the onlooker that frogs are killed to be eaten or could be just another attempt to emphasise on the need to conserve frogs.  However, for the two filmmakers documenting frogs, the urge was to protect the environment from the haphazard […]
By Nikita Bishnoi
The youth representatives from global south countries had a clear message for the leaders at COP26, calling for immediate action, rather than making more ‘false promises’. Young people were key at COP26 who raised their voices to limit climate change. Kevin Mtai, a climate justice activist, spoke with to express his disappointment on the […]
By kevinmtai
India’s Environment Minister, Bhupender Singh Yadav said on Tuesday that the country is committed to achieving its target of 500 gigawatt of renewable energy capacity by 2030. Yadav was addressing officials and stakeholders at the two-day sensitisation and review workshop on National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) for the Western Region states of Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat […]
LMB Staff
By LMB Staff
Settlements were the spaces between wilderness, interweaving the anthropocentric principles closely with the ecological ones. The reversal of this situation that we have witnessed over time where the greens instead became spaces between settlements bear testimony to the drastic shift in prioritizing urbanization over environmental preservation. The loss of biodiversity has not necessarily stemmed from […]
Shinjini Saha
By Shinjini Saha
“I might lose my home. Where will I go? Where will my children go?” says Bernard Kato Ewekia Taomia, the only climate activist from Tuvalu to attend the recently concluded COP26 summit. The independent island nation of Tuvalu is sinking slowly into the Pacific. Two islands of the country have already ‘disappeared’ as per locals […]
By Kato Ewekia
I had the privilege to attend COP26 and from the beginning was thrown from one emotional extreme to another. I wanted to learn, hold space, and connect with others on a journey to a better future. It was impossible to ignore that this event was supposed to be significant for future climate plans and agreements. […]
By isaias
Songs of the Earth, developed and directed by multi-disciplinary artist, musician, and Earth Day Ambassador Soumik Datta in partnership with EARTHDAY.ORG  premiered at the UN Climate Change Conference, COP26.  The animated film is accompanied by an eight-track album responding to climate change, weaving issues from climate migration, extreme weather to ocean pollution, deforestation and sustainable fashion through original […]
LMB Staff
By LMB Staff
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