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I am a Chartered Accountant and a complete foodie. I turned vegan a year back and as opposed to common belief this did not come in my way of being a foodie at all. I loved cooking earlier too, but I could barely look beyond cheese and paneer when I cooked and even while eating […]
By Hirvita Desai
This year, we expect marine shipping companies to reevaluate and reconfigure shipping routes around the world’s oceans. The decrease in maritime travel due to the pandemic in 2020 led some experts to suggest shortening supply chains to lessen the impact of future global catastrophes. The industry’s commitment to decarbonization increases the demand for better shipping routes that have a […]
Emily Heaslip
By Emily Heaslip
What is a tree? On the façade, it is a big bark with many hanging leaves. But let us for once look at it from a perspective a little beyond these lenses. One tree is a home for many fellow species. One Tree is a biodiversity in itself. A shed for creeping insects, flying birds […]
Momo Bhattacharjee
By Momo Bhattacharjee
In 2018, the UN International Maritime Organization set a goal to cut the maritime shipping industry’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least half by 2050. Through decarbonization — the reduction of carbon — marine shipping companies are tasked with lowering CO₂ emissions as much as possible.  Last year, the pandemic’s disruption to maritime transportation brought this goal […]
Emily Heaslip
By Emily Heaslip
For the group that I am part of, Climate Justice Toronto, it was really important for us to identify capitalism, white supremacy and colonialism as the root causes of climate change. In the climate movement for so long, it was focused on individual behavior change. Things like switching light bulbs, and riding bikes. The environmental […]
Niklas Agarwal
By Niklas Agarwal
Forest restoration is the action to re-instate ecological processes, which accelerate recovery of forest structure, ecological functioning and biodiversity levels towards those typical of climate forest. Climax forests are relatively stable ecosystems that have developed the maximum biomass, structural complexity and species diversity that are possible within the limits imposed by climate and soil and without continued […]
arsath ajmal
By arsath ajmal
Veganism promotes a compassionate lifestyle, aiming to omit cruelty towards non-human animals, by avoiding animal products in everything we consume. This includes abstaining from meat, eggs, fish, dairy, honey, leather, silk, wool and products tested on animals, as these industries thrive on the exploitation of our fellow earthlings.  We at Vegan Fest India are working […]
Diksha Dixit
By Diksha Dixit
Ecofeminism: Bringing Together Feminism and Environmentalism Ecofeminism is more than just a term. The concept emerged during the Second Wave of the feminist movement when a French feminist Françoise d’Eaubonne coined the term in 1974. The purpose of this movement is to link and augment the environmental and feminist movements. It seeks to establish a […]
Soumi Ghosh
By Soumi Ghosh
Van Mahotsav, an annual tree-planting festival is celebrated in the month of July to spread awareness about forest conservation and the environment. Well-known preschool education organization, TreeHouse however believes that early and sustained exposure to Nature can help children cultivate a deep and lasting environmental awareness. As Rajesh Bhatia, Founder and CEO of TreeHouse says, […]
LMB Staff
By LMB Staff
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