Get to know LetMeBreathe.in! Find out what the platform is all about through some of the commonly asked questions.

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Introduction Section

What’s LetMeBreathe.in?

LetMeBreathe.in is a global storytelling platform on climate change, pollution and sustainability. We work with the community towards finding solutions to environmental issues.

How do I share my story with LetMeBreathe.in?

We gather content from the unlikeliest of storytellers and even contribute to their stories. You can start by signing up here.

What kind of content can I share on LetMeBreathe.in?

From written articles to full-fledged shows, informative shorts to community stories, we showcase it all when it comes to environmental problems and climate solutions. Creativity and creators with a green outlook face no limits when it comes to sharing great content.

What kind of content does LetMeBreathe.in offer?

We feature stories from across the world, categorised for ease of access. Our comprehensive list of categories covers everything from marine and air pollution to clean energy and sustainable living. Our stories are mostly community voices, talking about how the ecosystem around climate change is shaping up.

How can I create content with LetMeBreathe.in?

To create content with us, you can hop over to our creator platform Pluc.TV. Once here, you can either pitch a story or upload a video. To know more about Pluc.TV, please read this here.

Climate Creator Hub

How can I become a Climate Creator?

Pitch your first story by signing up here. We know this journey can be overwhelming for many existing and potential creators, so we have a team to support you through it all. Just reach out to us!

How do I pitch a story/ show?

Simple. Once you’ve logged in, go onto the ‘Pitch a story’ tab and fill in a short form to clue us in on your idea and present us with some background information. Do try to provide as much detail as you can. Be sure our team will soon get in touch with you!

Does LetMeBreathe.in accept other formats like documentaries/ short films?

Yes we do. Pluc.TV is a platform that welcomes all formats of video content.

What happens once I submit a pitch?

Our production and creator engagement teams check incoming pitches on a regular basis. This means that once you’ve submitted a pitch, they will get in touch with you within 24-48 hours about the status of your pitch, with follow up questions, seeking additional details.

Where else are the stories created with LetMeBreathe.in shared?

With our multi-channel partnerships and approach, all LetMeBreathe.in stories are shared on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Sharechat, Dailyhunt, and Moj. Our stories also go on Snapchat, where we have a global show called The Clock’s Ticking. We also share these stories with engaging micro-communities and issue-specific partners.

Uploading Content

How do I upload a video on LetMeBreathe.in?

Click on the ‘Upload Video’ option from the top bar on Pluc.TV. Add details about your story, the video file, thumbnails and categories. It’s all OK if you don’t have all of these elements together…. our team will help you organise them and get the video out.

What happens once I upload a video on LetMeBreathe.in?

Once you’ve uploaded the video, our production team will get in touch with you within 24-48 hours about its status and for any additional details.


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