Young people share the most unheard Punjab pollution stories and local solutions for clean air in this competition


Akshaye Singh

Punjab is known for its rapid industrialization. But, this development comes at a cost: Environmental cost.

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Navjot Singh

The world is facing a pollution crisis and it’s not a secret. This community is trying to combat this issue by planting one tree at a time.

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Air pollution in Punjab has worsened for a few years now and although the coronavirus lockdown helped in improving Punjab's air quality (as low as 22!), it's back in the 'poor' category after the restrictions eased.

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Smilee Kour

I have been in love with the city of Chandigarh always but its degrading air quality is something that worries me.

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Vikas Kumar

Why is Punjab going through such bad air quality? Punjab is well known for its rapid industrialization in the post-independence period. With the advent of the green revolution, the manufacturing sector geared up in Punjab.

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Avneet Kaur

Air pollution has been a constant in Punjab and with it comes 'smog' that heavily affects the environment as well as the health of human beings.

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What will you get

The top three winners will receive the following prizes

1st Place

A cash prize of INR 15,000

2nd Place

A cash prize of INR 10,000

3rd Place

A cash prize of INR 5,000

In addition to that, the top 50 applicants will be provided the following:

An online storytelling and video-making bootcamp run exclusively by an award winning platform- Pluc

One-on-one guidance to create your entry for the second (final) round

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