The Bird Population Declines 
Published on 26/06/2023
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The rise in the urban landscape has become one of the major reasons for the bird population decline. 

“For the last few years, the count of birds has been delayed. Even for the migrant birds as well as the resident birds.So, I believe, this is an impact of deforestation, as well as the construction that is happening near the forest areas, and wetlands. And it is leading to the bird population decline”, says Anandhu M.

In this episode of Eco-Lens, we are putting the spotlight on the decline of biodiversity covers in Kerala. Award-winning wildlife photographer Anandhu M explains how over the years, deforestation and construction of concrete forests is adding to the bird population decline. And their migration has been affected. He talks about how  he uses his camera to highlight the importance of wildlife and why we as a society need to take note.

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