This community buys old clothes and give utensils in return
Published on 15/06/2023
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“Mending, repairing, these are all practices that we used to do with our grandmothers. But nowadays, we don’t have any time to do this”, says Vinod Nindrojiya, the co-founder of Bombay Recycling Concern (BRC). They help the Devipujak community overcome these challenges and promote a culture of upcycling old clothes for sustainable living.
The traditional Devipujak community has been collecting used clothes in exchange for utensils while walking long distances since the early 19th century. These ‘invisible recyclers’ have managed to maintain their tradition of circular economy in the high-paced age of the internet, but not without challenges.
BRC provides used clothes in bulk to the community, providing a month’s work for a family. This saves their time spent roaming around, allowing them to spend more time with their families. The show promotes upcycling as a means of sustainable living and encourages the old practice of mending old clothes to reuse them.

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