The burden of climate change on women in farming sector
Published on 15/05/2023
Climate Creator
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Climate change has a disproportionate impact on women farmers, who despite playing crucial roles in the rural economy, face numerous challenges and inequalities that limit their access to opportunities and productivity. According to UN data, around 68 percent of working women in extreme poverty are employed in the agricultural sector. Apart from this, women farmers in rural areas also struggle with limited access to information on job availability, education and training opportunities, financial and non-financial services, and property and land ownership. 

In this episode of For Her Future, we speak with Nidhi Pant, Co-founder of S4S Technology, who sheds light on how women in India are driving change in the farming sector through regenerative agriculture practices, while simultaneously fighting against the adverse effects of climate change. Nidhi, who was honoured with the Women Transforming India Awards by NITI Aayog and the United Nations, offers valuable insights on the intersection of agriculture, gender, energy access, and financial inclusion.

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