Reducing carbon footprint through sustainable fashion and agriculture
Published on 27/04/2023
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The fashion industry is responsible for emitting greenhouse gases equivalent to the entire economies of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom combined, according to UNEP. With the increasing awareness of the environmental impact of the textile industry, more people are choosing to live sustainably and make eco-friendly choices. One such couple is Alankrutha and Meher, who left their luxurious lifestyle in the US and returned to their homeland in Telangana, a city in south India, to live a more natural way of life. 

Inspired by elephants, they started their own clothing brand called ‘Elephant in You’ with the goal of reducing fashion’s carbon footprint. In this episode of The Sustainability Show, we talk about this duo, their clothing brand, and how they established a self-sufficient food supply chain on their farms. Follow their journey as they work towards reducing their carbon footprint and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle with ‘Elephant in You.’

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