Forests come ‘first’ in the Western Ghats
Published on 24/03/2023
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India is home to 80.9 million hectares of forest land. Home to hundreds of tribes, our forests are a source of livelihood to them.
“During the jackfruit season, they come specifically for jackfruit. So you allow the elephant to eat jackfruit and then it goes. So these are years of wisdom living in these spaces.”, mentions Meera Chandran, co-founder of Forest First while sharing anecdotes directly from the local tribal people of Kattunayakan and Urali Kurumas.
“Even during corona times, when others were struggling for work, we didn’t have any problem.”, says Suresh CK, a local restorer with Forest First.
This episode highlights the challenges of living and working in the forest, the importance of understanding the needs of local communities, and the impact of Forest First’s work on the environment and the lives of those involved.

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