Pakistan’s fight against climate change
Published on 05/12/2022
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If there’s any country that has been clearly vocal about the need for loss and damage fund at this COP, then it has been none other than Pakistan. The country faced devastating floods and other extreme weather events this year. Meet Rida Rashid, a 19-year-old climate activist from Pakistan, who has lost five members of her family and wants the world to pay heed to the brunt faced by people like her due to climate change.

In a conversation with Let Me Breathe at COP27, Rida says, “I cannot even put into words how the floods or the climate crisis has affected me, my family, my siblings or my friends in Pakistan. Our right to education, health facilities, and livelihood has been taken away because of the climate crisis and it’s devastating as well.”

She is using art as a medium at COP27 to show how climate change is affecting her homeland. “The climate crisis is affecting every gender, every part of the world, and this is why it is important to show diversity everywhere at conferences,” says Rida.
According to her, the problem of climate change can be solved by community-led solutions.

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