The loss and damage clock is ticking!
Published on 25/11/2022
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Yurshell Rodríguez of Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina is a climate activist, who is a plaintiff in the first climate change and future generations lawsuit in Latin America. She has seen the first-hand impacts that have worsened with climate change after the Providence island was largely destroyed by Category 5 hurricane Iota. Holding the climate clock, Rodríguez narrates the story of tackling loss and damage and supporting the post-hurricane communities.

In a conversation with Let Me Breathe at COP 27, Egypt, Rodríguez says, “We have been struck numerous times by hurricanes and we have lost a lot of our livelihoods, our ecosystem and the way we view our future in this climate crisis.”

She further says, “When we tackle loss and damage, we’re not only talking about the economic loss or the infrastructure loss, but we’re also talking about spiritual loss, we’re talking about communities. The way we view life, the way we view our livelihood, our happiness, and our pursuit for the future. So yes, in our community we have been really impacted in our ways of living and in our ways of viewing our life.”

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