The teen on a mission to clean up Lagos
Published on 13/09/2022
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Misimi Isimi was just eight-years-old when she first started getting bothered by the waste around her neighbourhood. “Growing up it was difficult for me to breathe in society with a huge amount of waste littered everywhere,” says the Lagos resident.

So she took up a broom and a trash bag and started cleaning. She did not wait for the elders around her to do the work. On the way she inspired her friends and family and earned the moniker of ‘Miss Environment’.

Lagos generates 13,000 metric tonnes of waste daily. Waste management and plastic pollution are big concerns for the people of Lagos. Growing up in a city filled with waste prompted Misimi to start working towards cleaning the environment and finding her passion. She is also the president of Eco-Kids Green Club.

 “Pollution affected not just me but youth as well and I mean there would be a situation when I walked to school and the first thing I see is waste. So eventually it pushed me to become an environmentalist and a waste activist,” says the 15-year-old. 

As a waste activist, her mission is to make Lagos a green place for kids and help children learn about being responsible towards the environment. “A waste activist is a person who works to change the environment by enlightening people on waste. And finding a way to solve challenges that is the best for the environment. For example, treating pollution and aiming to make the world a better place. My job as a waste activist isn’t just about making sure the environment is waste free, but educating and influencing people to believe in the cause.,” she adds. 

This teen is now working on an app Blueko that helps in recycling and reusing waste. 

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