The rationale of a plant-based diet

I have been a vegan for a while now. This paradigm shift from a meat lover to adopting a plant-based diet came through a turmoil of thoughts and rationalizing them to accept the concept myself. 

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Why do we have canines? Because we are essentially randomly mutated from primates as meat-eating omnivores. That is our evolution. But you see back then we did not have the advent of numerous other things to extinguish animals.

We did not have extended colonies for property deals, we did not have shopping malls, we did not have highways, we did not have as vast pastoral lands to breed cattle, we did not have fisheries, skyscrapers, bridges and acres of forest chopped and cotton fields planted in the name of civilization. Back then the meat was for survival and nutrition. Back then we naturally ensured ecological balance elsewhere even though there was no discipline of environment protection. 

This brings back to the question if we evolved in balance with nature at all? Have we made sure while we maintain our nutrition which is a basic instinct we also be mindful in resource consumption which is supposedly an altruistic instinct! 

The diet I now consume may be vegan but do I wish the world to be VEGAN? The answer to this is an outright NO. That would be dangerous for the green forests considering the arable land that would be needed. For we are not less in number and our stomach is an ever hunger organ.

I had a childish dream with the onset of the Planning stage of “go vegan”. The world of humans took an oath to be 3 days vegan in diet and 4 days they eat what they think they need to. But then I woke up to the reality that we are too ingrained in our own lives to mobilize a massive change.

So, I go all seven days with a vegan diet now to cover up for someone. Someone I know not in person, someone who cannot forego the love of animal flesh, someone who is medically mandated to consume meat.

Once in a while, I try to make peers understand that this does not have to be an outright act. Let us start small, maybe with one day of a vegan diet and slowly increase the days.

Small actions are all that one can count for when dealing with human emotions. This is not a sacrifice; this is what my ethics ask me to do. I am not a vegan by principle; my diet certainly is… I am a human trying to be a little less human and more animal to restore the balance of consumption.

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