How I transitioned to a vegan lifestyle by experimenting with food

I started understanding Veganism while working at my vegan/plant-based restaurant called Carrots. One of my friends forced me to turn vegan and being a vegan for six years now, I noticed that my health improved.

Image by Konstantin Kolosov

Then I started joining vegan groups and communities where I found out a lot about the animal industry. So, even though I started this journey by force, I stayed for the animals. Now I feel better than ever. I also noticed, that everyone who turns vegan feel limited options when going out to eat. Being a vegan chef, somehow, I wanted to give them options and help them to stick to Veganism only.

For almost nine years now, I have been working hard on experimenting and creating awesome vegan recipes. I got succeed almost in everything. From the Milks, curds, butter, cheese, ice creams, cakes, pastries, cookies,rasgulla, rasmalai, barfis, laddoos, pizza, pasta, lasagna and much more.

 Veganism is growing day by day and I am seeing many companies transforming their non-vegan business into Veganism because there are lots of demands now for vegan products, which is a very positive sign and this is exactly how we will be able to save our planet. On another hand, Veganism became such a controversial lifestyle because it goes against the interests of the meat and animal industries. 

To my knowledge the best vegan diet where you understand that you do not need to complicate yourself or agitate regarding vitamin and nutrient intake. If you eat a diet based on a variety of fruits, vegetables, rice, dry fruits, legumes and homemade meals, non processed foods, then you are in the right direction.

You may not enjoy everything in the initial days If you into a non-vegan diet and consume lots of meat, dairy products. Your tongue needs to develop the taste and this will happen if you eat constantly vegan food only for a month or so.

So, let your body understand the meaning of the “Vegan Diet” by taking one-month vegan diet challenge. If I can, you can you!

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