Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown On Air Pollution Levels

Last year, we have witnessed the impact of lockdown of this pandemic on the air pollution level all over the world. On January 30, 2020, India recorded its first COVID-19 positive case in Kerala, which was followed by a nationwide lockdown extended in four different phases from 25th March to 31st May, 2020, and an unlock period thereafter.

The lockdown has led to colossal economic loss to India; however, it has come as a respite to the environment. Recently, again, we have seen ait quality in Delhi – the most polluted city in world dropped to PM2.5 – 24.

Heavy rainfalls combined with the consecutive lockdowns have significantly brought down the pollution level in Delhi. The consecutive lockdowns, followed by a spell of rain have brought down the pollutants in the air.

During the lockdown last year, the air quality had improved to the ‘good’ category across the national capital region. With minimal vehicular movement on the roads and the industries and construction work shut, Delhi residents could breathe fresh air after a long time.

Source: AQI.IN
Data Source: AQI.IN

Benefits of COVID19 Lockdown:
– Improve air quality
– Reduce the impact of climate change
– Reduce the consumption of resources & energy

There are many problems due to this lockdown. Mainly, it gives a huge loss to the financial & economic condition of a country. 

Note: Air pollution is the invisible killer, even more dangerous than COVID19. According to WHO, 7 million people die every year due to air pollution. 

Available Solutions To Be Taken Up:

We should stop giving destruction to the nature & environment immediately like, smoke, stubble burning, harmful gases from factories & other sources, etc.

Since last few year, many countries have started installing air quality monitoring devices at many stations/junctions to measure the real-time air pollution level so that we can take precautions from the harmful effects.

Even, people have started using personal portable air monitors with low-cost sensors to check the air quality level.

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