Behind the scenes of wildlife filmmaking
Published on 25/06/2021
Climate Creator
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“Documenting wildlife has been one of the biggest joys of my life. It’s just that time in your life when you think ‘wow, this moment is absolutely worth this. There is nothing I would rather do, but then do just this,” says Nikhil Virdi.

He adds, “ever since we have, what we call man-made and nature in two different corners, that’s what has created the chaos. But we as a species are very evolved to create needs and demand and you just have this entire market structure based on each other to create a very weird cycle of what we call the working human.

You go for work, you come back, you earn money, you support your family. We have created a life cycle in which we are taken away separate from nature. But, we are a part of nature, whether you like it or not. So, I started with wildlife photography, just going out, seeing wildlife, clicking it. Because when you see through binoculars or you see through a camera, it’s very different than you seeing it through your own eyes.”

Spring‘s new blooms, winter’s magic, summer’s bounty – you will find all this and more in Nimit’s frames. Meet this amazing wildlife filmmaker who takes us through the process of filming the animals and why it is so challenging yet rewarding.

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