Simple zero-waste recipes for your kitchen
Published on 08/06/2021
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Food waste is a massive problem not just in India but across the world. These chefs are trying to change that by advocating for sustainable food practices such as zero-waste cooking.

There’s no major science behind zero-waste cooking. The amazing part is you can get a lot of amazing and super yummy dishes with what you thought was ‘waste’.

“Open your fridge right now and open your pantry up and then, find out what you can quickly use. And put all of that together into a bowl or do a stir-fry or a curry or a one part dish ans use it all up. That’s the most zero-waste you can get which is just to into your kitchen, into your own fridges and take out anything that is not looking really good and just use it up,” says Chef Peggy Chan.

Watch the video to try and make some super easy recipes from chefs across the globe.

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