‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ for eliminating plastic pollution

By: Sarah

I once read that garbage isn’t exactly rocket science, but given the filth around us, one would think it is. “Single-use plastic” grocery bags came into existence 50 years ago. It was the answer to a question no one was asking and the solution to a problem that did not exist. In the past, people carried stuff in cloth bags, sacks, etc. Today, we see plastic bags and bottles reach the landfill after being used for mere minutes. 

Out of the millions of plastic bottles being bought today, not to forget straws and cups, only 20% is being recycled. The rest simply finds its way to the landfills where it does not degrade or is thrown into rivers and seas. This is even affecting the wildlife, marine, and land animals, who eat plastic and suffer fatal consequences.

Plastic has become an environmental disaster. Most plastic is made from petroleum or natural gas, non-renewable resources extracted and processed using energy-intensive techniques that destroy fragile ecosystems. The manufacturing of plastic and its destruction by incineration pollutes air, land, and water and exposes workers to toxic chemicals, including carcinogens.

Markets have even found a way to earn money by simply launching biodegradable plastics, non – woven bags (polypropylene fabric), and compostable plastics which is always mistaken by people for being made up of cloth it takes 300 years to degrade whereas it is not a permanent solution to this problem. People then use paper bags, which is still not a solution to the problem. Cutting down more trees will even have a disastrous impact on the environment. 

Adding more troubles to this situation global restaurants brand like KFC and MCD’S that operates and hold more than a position to have a real impact on how the industry approaches to waste and packaging management is over-all responsible for the disastrous situation.  Even if the government banned plastic use, we still can see so many out in the surroundings. People should take this seriously, and do their part for a better and livable planet. 

What can be done?

The simplest thing to do is to follow the tried and tested: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Reduce the number of plastic products you purchase and use. Instead of purchasing pre-packed vegetables at the supermarket, buy them from the fresh counter and avoid using plastic bags. Buy a reusable water bottle. Avoid most things labeled “disposable”.

Reuse things where possible. Re-use a plastic bottle instead of buying a fresh one. Re-use plastic tubs for food leftovers or storage. Re-use any remaining plastic bags.

Finally, recycle absolutely everything that you can. And individually people should try to minimize the use of plastics to their least, simply reuse cloth bags and try to be more aware and make people aware of this uninvited disaster to the environment. The best way to reduce one’s plastic footprint not only to use USE LESS PLASTIC but to boycott, avoid, and Strictly stop using the “SINGLE-USE PLASTIC”.

Activists from various countries should ACT NOW!! and try to make the sources aware. I tried to do an awareness strike in UP’s capital Lucknow in India. I protested outside the MC’D along with my friends to make people and authorities aware to cut off the use of “Single-use plastics” I added- I will not stop protesting here until they stop using single-use plastics. 

The planet is dying because of restaurants like KFC and MCD’S. We can even make people aware in many different ways. Let’s all pledge to bring the change. Let’s all decide to do our part for the world. “Every single mistake intentionally or unintentionally can destroy the whole planet” Don’t forget


By- Sarah(Writer, Climate and Social Journalist,Activist ,"by passion", Student, Daughter and a responsible citizen of my country"by profession")

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