Odisha: Home to man-made and natural climate calamities

By: Fridays For Future Bhubaneswar

Due to Odisha’s geophysical placement, climate extremities are a multifaceted issue. Coastal states are home to extreme man-made and natural climate calamities and Odisha’s coastal and indigenous population are the first line of victims when it comes to climate repercussions.

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In recent years, due to the escalation of global warming rates, Odisha has had a sudden influx of increasingly intense cyclones that have wreaked widespread havoc and destruction. Contrary to the popular beliefs, natural calamities of such high intensities have been triggered due to man-made
factors. A large number of the population is dependent on coastline work for their livelihood, which is in turn affecting the coast and shore dynamics.

Odisha also houses about 62 indigenous communities who face constant exploitation by giant mining corporations who want to set up camp in ecologically sensitive areas, often disturbing the local tribes, their livelihoods, and the flora and fauna of these protected areas.

Fridays For Future Bhubaneswar started in 2019 amidst the Cyclone Fani that caused widespread destruction in the entirety of Odisha. We have since then engaged in several large scales strikes with youths from all over Odisha, awareness workshops, climate demonstrations, fundraisers and cultural/artistic events to give the youth of Odisha the proper representation in the climate action dialogue and to disseminate the right kind of information about climate emergency to the common public of Odisha.

The global climate strike is meant to be a “wake-up call” for the young generation.

Let’s strike for our future!

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Fridays For Future Bhubaneswar

Fridays For Future Bhubaneswar

Mobilizing the mass and heading towards a more sustainable future can only be attained through strikes, awareness camps and disseminating proper climate information and FFF Bhubaneswar aims to turn over the climate narrative in the state of Odisha.

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