Cycling enthusiasts strike for the planet

By: Logesh Raja

You might wonder what is the need for climate strike, especially by a bunch of cycling enthusiasts. Because cycling is not only beneficial to you, it helps in benefiting others around you. In fact, cyclists make an impact on today’s biggest crisis of global warming.

Now you might be thinking, exactly how?.

According to studies by many renowned environmental protection agencies, 3/4 of CO2 emissions are from Transportation. Alright, now we know that transportation is a major contributor of CO2 gas. If we start breaking different types of transportation modes and their contribution to global CO2 gas level, there is a surprise waiting for you. Guess what?

It is not cargo ships, it is not airways, nope it’s not trucks. Then what? answer to that is Private vehicles.

For every one less car on the planet, we can 2.8 Ton CO2 every year. So, just how would a world without cars have felt like. Statistically from 1990 till 2020, only developed nations added the majority CO2 gas to our atmosphere. And it is important at this point to take a pause and look back on the irreparable damage that we have done.

Not just by general citizens but also by the policymakers. With the increasing population of Asian countries, India being fastest. Not only from the perspective of the population but the economy as well. Since more and more will be empowered with purchasing power and three-time the population of the United States.

No doubt India is going to become the biggest market for private vehicles, so will be our contribution to the CO2 gas level in the next 30 years. I couldn’t think of any other better time to implement environment protection policies enforcing reductions in the production of fossil-fuel-based vehicles, coupled with promoting cycling and EVs as a mode of transportation in urban areas.

Though this cannot be enforced right away in the countryside, but definitely achievable in cities and towns. If I was a govt policymaker, I would have promoted cycling by providing cyclist-friendly tracks and lanes also signals. Since, we have the only power of promoting cycling by doing it regularly ourselves, here we are demanding actions from govt by doing regular rides on this #climatestrike week!

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Logesh Raja

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