Mothers across India demand #CleanAirForAll

By: LMB Staff

No parents want a toxic and unhealthy environment for their children. They want a future where the children can play outdoors and breathe clean air.

Let Me Breathe was joined by mothers from different parts of India on September 8, 2020, who discussed clean air solutions for the present and future generations.

The panel was moderated by Ruchita Dar Shah (CEO & Founder – First Moms Club). The panelists included Ekta Shekhar (Member – Warrior Moms); Bhavreen Kandhari (Member – Warrior Moms); Dr. Nimmi Rastogi (Advisor Health – Dialogue & Development Commission) and Anuja Bali (Member – Warrior Mom).

Opening the discussion, Ruchita Dar Shah said, “As mothers, we are very careful about what our children eat or drink but somewhere they’re actually breathing poisonous air that we need to think about and act on.”

Bhavreen Kandhari spoke about the need to look at long-term solutions to ultimately enable ‘Clean Air For All.’

“We are still very primitive in terms of understanding the impact of pollution on the health of children, especially those younger in age,” said Nimmi Rastogi.

She added that one change that Delhi government has made is the electric vehicle policy which will show great results in the coming years.

Ekta Shekhar said, “In Varanasi, we used the tea stall culture to start building local conversations on air pollution. This means talking about the issue when people are on tea breaks so that more people can be involved.”

LMB Staff

LMB Staff

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