A step forward to being more eco friendly during the lockdown

By: Srushti G

As we are all under a lockdown, there’s only so much to do. We can step out every once in awhile, but that has its restrictions too.

We can’t hang out with our friends anymore, and for all the right reasons, that too! Staying in is the best we can do currently. While a lot of us, like me, have been trying to be as eco-conscious as possible, it can be hard in current times, especially with so many restrictions.

But there are definitely some things you can do, while you’re locked in too!

1) Washing Vessels and Reusing Food:

This was a thing I used to do when I was back in my rented flat due to college and staying by myself. Cooking can be tiring and washing the vessels even more.


Thus, a lot of people tend to get disposable plates and cutlery to avoid the hassle of at least cleaning up later. While paper plates are a much better alternative compared to disposable plastic and foam plates, it will still not be recycled due to staining and will contribute to landfills.

Thus, what you can do is, instead of making something for just a meal or two, extend it to 2-3 meals at least. Store it in a vessel that can be used directly on your stove or microwave so then you don’t need separate vessels all the time either. You’ll save effort on cooking and cleaning both, and also save water and reduce waste generation at the same time!

2) Grow your own vegetables

While we are all on lockdown, it’s a good time to pick up a hobby or habits. I have always liked the greenery so I’m a fan of plants in general.

However, I’ve never been very active in growing them on my own. But because of my last internship, I did learn a lot about them. Carrots can grow very quick and all you need is the top of it.

Even spinach or radish grow quick, but I haven’t tested it myself. For quicker results, there are microgreens, which are a very trending thing for the nutrition they gave, but these may require seedlings to grow.

3) Switch to eco-friendly brands

Due to boredom, we all end up switching apps on our phone and window-shopping. While it is great to still contribute to businesses if we can, we can do our bit by being conscious of our choice of brands.

Brands are now switching to eco-friendly practices and methods. While we are home, we do have the time to do some amount of background research in order to find out how brands operate and the practices they follow. If they are into something you do not stand by, you can choose to consciously disregard their products and no more shop from them.

Its only when brands realize that customers are aware and that their needs and wants are changing that they’ll change their ways.

4) Start Balcony birding

Staying in can get quite lonely. So why not get some companions? On a small plate that you don’t need anymore, pour in some sprouts or pulses. Put this in your window, and sit at a distance. Soon enough, you’ll start seeing some birds coming into yours for a meal. You can also put another plate with water to be a good host! I made a friend do this and she loved it!

I hope some of these things help you keep your calm in this lockdown. Indeed these are testing times, but there is something we can all do often!

So let’s do our bit, and be conscious about it, and not beat ourselves up if we are feeling low and unproductive on some days!

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(On 50 years of Earth Day – join us in making India’s largest climate action manifesto. #FiftyForFifty. Connect with us and tell what step are you taking for climate action?)

Srushti G

Srushti G

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