Youth of Delhi want Environment on the Election Agenda Part 2

By: LMB Staff

With elections around the corner, a few students of New Delhi visited the state offices of BJP and Congress in New Delhi’s and kept forward their demands for a clean and green Delhi.

The students Aman Sharma, Aditya Dubey, Aman Banka, and Amrendra Singh had four main demands: Ban on single-use plastics, bringing in an Electric Vehicles Policy, revive the Yamuna and afforestation.

“Climate Change is a big issue and until and unless these things become an election issue, I don’t think we will see leaps and bounds happening,” said Aman Sharma, youth climate activist.

Another student Amrendra Singh, who visited the party offices said, “Students are demanding clean environment. We want to tell them that it’s a basic dire need.”

The students met BJP Spokesperson Harish Khurana who promised that all the four demands will be included in the BJP manifesto. “

In addition to this, they also spoke about the air pollution crisis and solutions to the ghazipur landfill.

“Bejing was the most polluted city in the world. If it can reduce its pollution, why can’t we? Public transport has to be in place and vehicular emission needs to be reduced.

LMB Staff

LMB Staff

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