Good Dot: Vegan Alternatives to Meat!

By: Abhishek Sinha

Unfortunately, the food system is the center of a tremendous amount of cruelty toward animals. Despite this, consumers continue to eat meat on account of taste or perceived nutritional fulfillment.

However, with current technological improvements and in-depth R&D, it’s possible to take animals out of the meat equation! This benefits the health of the individuals, the environment, and the animals too. 

Good Dot
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So, by entering into the food space, I believe we can make the greatest positive impact in all three of these areas. India also presents an immense market opportunity for cutting-edge plant-based meats. 

Around 32% of the huge Indian population of 1.2 billion is vegetarian, and many non-veg eaters are searching for an option that allows them to eat in line with their values without sacrificing taste.

Good Dot was born when a group of friends decided to come together for a common cause. They wanted to make the world a more humane place for animals. Having witnessed the unbelievable cruelty involved in animal agriculture, they decided to create a solution that was good for all. 

The GoodDot team believes that the main reason why most people eat meat is its taste. If a plant-based product could be created which not only tasted like meat but was an ethical, healthier, and environmentally sustainable alternative to animal meat, people would happily make the switch.

All Good Dot products are completely vegan. This means that no animal products are in anything Good Dot sells.

Values drive every decision we make at Good Dot. Ahimsa, or non-violence, is a ubiquitous concept in Indian culture. Most people practice Ahimsa with our fellow humans, yet this belief system often does not extend to animals. 

Image Source: Good Dot

At Good Dot, we are providing a path to practicing Ahimsa. In the past, meat helped feed people and fuel the advancement of civilization, but like many technologies, meat from animals has outlived its utility. We no longer need to rely on the outdated way we produce meat. Instead, we can enjoy plant-based meat without inflicting harm on living beings. Our strategy is to provide delicious products that are affordable, accessible, and healthy. 

Good Dot products provide the taste, texture, and protein of meat without the negative impacts on your health, the environment or the animals. Our products are good for all!

Our Mission

  • Providing the world with delicious, cruelty-free food to help people live more compassionately
  • Creating a more compassionate way to eat
  • Revolutionizing food with compassion
  • Producing delicious, plant-based food that is good for people, animals, and the planet
  • Creating the best plant-based food and leading the world to a compassionate future
  • Leading the way toward a compassionate future with delicious plant-based food
  • Giving the world a way to practice compassion through their food choices with the best plant-based products

Good for you. Good for the planet. Good for animals. Good for all. Join us in making humanity more humane.

(Abhishek is a former Senior Taxation Bureaucrat and Chemical Engineer, but his love of animals and desire to positively impact the planet led him to dive into a years-long R&D process that became Good Dot.)

(The views expressed in the article are the author’s own. Let Me Breathe neither endorses nor is responsible for them.)

Abhishek Sinha

Abhishek Sinha

Abhishek is a former Senior Taxation Bureaucrat and Chemical Engineer, but his love of animals and desire to positively impact the planet led him to dive into a years-long R&D process that became Good Dot

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