29 Nov 2019
Know Your Environmental Saving Value!
When you take birth, it is important to record the date and time – it’s a number. When you start your day, you check the time – It’s a number. When you study, you are curious about the result – it’s a number. When you start working, you check the salary – It’s a number. […]

When you take birth, it is important to record the date and time – it’s a number.

When you start your day, you check the time – It’s a number.

When you study, you are curious about the result – it’s a number.

When you start working, you check the salary – It’s a number.

When you start a business, you check what is the sales – it’s number.

Today, the biggest threat to humanity is Global Warming. We can’t go beyond 2 degrees rise in temperature across the world. – it’s a number. We only have 11 years left to reverse Climate Change by 2030. –it’s a number.

If you knew your Environmental Saving Value(ESV), your potential in numbers to stop climate change, would you start achieving those numbers by changing your lifestyle?

We all know our professional lives. We get those targets and even surpass them with our intelligence, effort, and hard work. At Recycle Green, fighting climate change is made easy with the help of numbers.

If you come to know your target to achieve in numbers like how many trees you need to save? How much CO2 do you need to save? How much land, water, and air pollution you need to save and how.

What if all products are having scientifically derived ESV and it helps in making conscious decisions while consuming?

An aware consumer OR group of aware consumers can make a huge impact even more than the enforcement of a law of pollution controls. Losing even a small customer OR a business because of customer’s rejection of not having proper ESV, will enforce all manufacturers to follow all rules and regulations to achieve that number of ESV so that they can satisfy customer’s demand.

Customers At Recycle Green saved 103 Trees from cutting on this planet. Saved 28 tonnes of CO2 from emission, saved 24 lakh liters of water from pollution and 26000 sq meters of land pollution. 

These are dynamic numbers linked to ESVs of all sustainable scientifically designed products consumed by our customers. Within 2 years we could make a significant and scientific impact. A new era of smart customers is shaping up who looks for ESV of a product before buying. They love to be rewarded based on their environmental savings. How does it feel if you get a certificate of environmental savings when you reach a milestone. Isn’t it smart to buy products with your waste and PayByWaste?

Don’t you really feel proud when you say you don’t consume virgin resources and use waste neutral OR waste negative recycled products which one way reduce waste and on the other side save precious environmental resources from mining. A full new generation loves you for conserving those resources for them.

It was the year 2011 when I visited Japan on his official Green IT training. This idea clicked in the mind by learning from Japanese scientific practices. He researched for 6 years to find out what exactly is the root cause for all these global warming and climate change and used his problem-solving skills to identify the exact root cause.

Few of the root cause found were:

1) Wrong product designs, and absence of 360 degrees of cycle coverage in design.

2) Absence of knowledge & awareness in consumers which is benefitting to those industries who pollute the most.

3) The absence of a scientific measurement formula can be linked with an individual’s achievable target on environmental savings.

4) Absence of rewards, recognition for the consumer who seriously acts on this front.

5) Absence of a truly circular economy where waste is considered as money or transactional buying power. 

Being an IT professional helped me to convert all of these in the form of software, which can solve all these problems on the ground.

We have now 2.5 years of start-up experience and more than 400 individual plus corporate customers who have understood the importance of this in their lives. Also, having a lot of social activities where we educate school children passionately on this subject under our Planet Protector Campaign, with more than 2000 students connected across 20 schools in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. We are creating a knowledge sharing and motivating platform for a new generation to act and inspire others.

We also empower underprivileged people like physically challenged, village women, rural women to skill them in converting waste into beautiful products. Currently, bootstrapped and a team of 10 trying to convert a whole negative cycle into a positive cycle and run it, again and again, making it truly recycle.

A lot of futuristic ideas and plans with a new Climate Action Movement called Cycle and Recycle – where 2 powerful actions -cycling gives a message to reduce fossil fuel burning and recycle gives a message to reduce waste and conserve environmental resources by consuming recycled products.

Air is not breathable in Delhi. Forests in California and Amazon are on fire. Glaciers are melting due to the increase in temperature. Mumbai will submerge in waters by 2050. Let’s start doing something for our mother earth and ourselves!

(Hardik Shah is an IT veteran with 20 years of experience, CDCP certified by EPI, Green IT certified by HiDA Japan and Founder of Recycle.Green)

(The views expressed in the article are the author’s own. Let Me Breathe neither endorses nor is responsible for them.)

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