12 Nov 2019
My Journey From Running a Low-waste household To An Eco-Friendly Business
Reduce your waste footprint, one step at a time!

We can all be blamed for becoming consumerists. Think back to a point in time when we were carefree, well-incomed individuals with zero responsibilities. I shudder to think of the waste I created during those years. We were all just going with the flow, eating right out of the hands of what society and the markets fed us.

It wasn’t until much later when I conceived my child that I noticed a shift in my thought process. I am not sure whether it stemmed from the need to be prudent with finances, or the desire to raise a kid with as few toxic toys and essentials as possible, or just the idea to have less junk in the house as the baby grew.

Starting my low waste journey

I let the word out that I was open to receiving hand-me-downs. Flowing in came a pram, a cot, a car seat, clothes and what not! I invested time and research into learning how to use modern cloth diapers which ensured I used disposables as little as possible. Without a doubt, those initial months built a strong foundation for my low waste journey to grow.

One thing led to another, and I was converting all household staples into products that were eco-friendly, were safe for our land and water. I learned to use one product for multiple purposes. This reduced the number of plastic bottles I was throwing out. And I slept well knowing I was not contributing to the toxic foams in our lakes and rivers.

Ecodeeds: Reduce your waste footprint, one step at a time!

About a year into trying to practice a low waste lifestyle, I came up with the idea of EcoDeeds. It was just a seed of thought then and it wasn’t until a year later that I could find the gumption and outlet to start. 

Running a low-waste household and running an eco-friendly business are at opposite ends of the spectrum. I have been at odds with the two practices and we are slowly reaching a point where we demand that even our vendors incorporate low- waste practices in their dealings with us. 

For example, it’s pointless when a vendor sends stock wrapped in plastic. However, there is also enough awareness now so that if you ask for plastic-free packaging, you can get it.

It’s important to realize that ‘sustainability’ and ‘zero-waste’ are unkind terms. Mankind is at a point where it can’t be completely ZERO waste. However, for eco-warriors, it’s hard not to beat ourselves up for not following these through 100%. There’s an endless learning curve involved and it’s a tremendous mental exercise to fight temptation.

For as long as we keep speaking up against harmful practices, and talk about our own low waste journey, people around us will get transformed. It’s an uphill task and who better than you to take it forward!

(Gargee has studied Economics and is trained in the classical arts. She has been a language trainer and content editor. Currently, while other things come and go, running a home-based business and mothering a toddler are her constants. Follow her journey: @myecodeed)

(The views expressed in the article are the author’s own. Let Me Breathe neither endorses nor is responsible for them.)

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