30 Jan 2019
16,000 trees: A huge price for south Delhi’s redevelopment projects
'Delhi needs afforestation, but not at the cost of other trees'

The residents of south Delhi are set to pay the price for the redevelopment projects around seven neighbourhoods, which include Sarojini Nagar, Nauroji Nagar and Netaji Nagar. The forest department has given the permission to chop off more than 16,000 full grown trees to make way for redeveloping of Central government accommodations in the area. The environment impact assessment report for the projects around south Delhi shows that 11,000 out of 13,128 trees will be cut in Sarojini Nagar, 1,465 out of 1,513 will be cut in Nauroji Nagar, 3,033 out of the total 3,906 trees will be chopped off from Netaji Nagar.

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By Smitha Verma
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