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You can love both jogging and the environment- let’s ‘Plog’!

The concept of plogging was born when a working professional from Sweden decided to clean up the littered waste on the roads as he travelled for work. In the year 2016, Erik Ahlström started to collect waste on the road and disposed it off appropriately as he went to work. Soon, he started to practice […]

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Plog Sessions Chapter 2: Building a Plogging Movement feat. Kiren Rijiju

Plogging = Fit and Clean India Jogging is good for health and picking up litter is good for the environment. Why not combine the two? That is what Plogging is. It is a combination of jogging with picking up litter. Promoting the sustainable fitness trend LMB #PlogSessions started as a way to combine running with a purpose. […]

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