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Can we plant our way out of climate change?

In recent years, we’ve seen quite a buzz around climate change but what exactly is climate change? Climate change is a broad umbrella term that captures the consequences of Global Warming. It is the process of gradual heating up of the planet. It is estimated that the rise of the Industrial Revolution has led to […]

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Is Kedarnath at risk again?

It was raining incessantly and the sky was thundering with the loud noise of encircling helicopters above. The scene seemed straight out of some film. Crowds of people had lined up with a hapless look on their faces at the helipad in Dehradun. Some of them would rush every time a helicopter landed to show […]

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Fridays Climate Strike: Students demand climate action

No one in this world, living in any metropolitan city is unfamiliar to climate change which is now challenging us day by day. The overwhelming nature of humans has started the exploitation of our only home earth. This led us to climate crisis. The changing patterns of our natural atmosphere against living beings through anthropogenic […]

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Know Your Environmental Saving Value!

When you take birth, it is important to record the date and time – it’s a number. When you start your day, you check the time – It’s a number. When you study, you are curious about the result – it’s a number. When you start working, you check the salary – It’s a number. […]

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Climate Change is a Business!

Climate change is a business; it has effects on everything you see around you; political, social, economic and environmental

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SUSTAINABLE FASHION – Fashion for the Future

Sustainable Fashion has become a buzz word recently. It literally means ‘thinking first and buying later’ and also asking yourself if you are really going to wear that new piece to the extent that it was worth being made!  Sustainable fashion is not only about producing clothes which are environment-friendly, but also about sustainable patterns […]

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Seed Orbs: My Path To Planting A Million Trees

Life as we know it is under threat. The threat is not immediate but is surely imminent. This threat is not from an extraterrestrial attack or even the third World War, but from the war that humanity is busy waging against the environment. Over the past few centuries, various uncontrolled and irresponsible human activities have […]

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Planting Hope Called Trees to Save Our Future!

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” Nelson Henderson It all started one day when the members of Project HumTum in Mangalore decided that it was high time to do something for the earth. All the team members are different from one another, belong […]

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Global Strike: Ludhiana Protests Against Climate Change

Ludhiana students came on the streets to protest against the climate crisis. Hundreds of young children, along with their teachers and parents, social activists from various organizations gathered for a peaceful demonstration to highlight the crisis and government’s inaction. The youngsters carried banners along with them and raised slogans like ‘Help me, I can’t breathe’; […]

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Indian Forest Fires: Are They A Matter Of Concern Too?

From the last few days, we are seeing amazon rainforest fire burning photos all over social media. #Prayforamazonia became a global twitter trend this week. Commentators from all over are suddenly waxing poetic about the devastating loss of the planet’s lungs and criticising Brazil’s new far-right President, Jair Bolsonaro for his failure to protect the […]

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Everything You Should Know About Amazon Rainforest Fire

Amazon rainforest, the world’s largest  rainforest is at the risk of getting burned out completely. The rainforest, which contributes almost 20 percent of the earth’s oxygen, has been burning for over 16 days resulting in a major loss of trees and biodiversity.  The rainforest is burning record numbers of fires this year. According to the […]

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2015-like heatwave could hit India again, warns IPCC Report

India! This is the biggest warning from the science community yet #IPCCReport

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Urgent Request to Authorities to take Immediate Peremptory Steps to Prevent Stubble Burning

Draft EIA 2020 not yet finalized; aims to bring violators under regulatory regime: Javadekar to Ramesh

ICYMI: EIA Deadline & Mumbai Monsoon