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These five individuals are raising the bar for a greener tomorrow

Environmental activism is the need of the hour. The issue seems so vast and complex, and citizens don’t know how to address it and what to do to make a difference. But these five individuals, working in diverse fields, are setting the example for the masses to follow. They demonstrate that if we focus on […]

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Environmental impact of the coal industry

Coal kills, its not only the enemy of people but also for planet and by the planet means the only home for all. India is putting fossil fuel at the forefront of its strategy to turn the pandemic into economic opportunity. We have to understand that dirty fuel won’t be good for the people and planet

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Sustainable Should Be Your Fashion Statement

We all love fashion. No matter how overrated the prices are and how bad the quality is. If it looks crazy on you, you will want it. So sustainable fashion is not about changing the way you dress, it is about what you wear, where you buy it from and do you really need what […]

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