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Arvind Kejriwal launches Electric Vehicle Policy; aims to boost Delhi’s economy, reduce air pollution

The Delhi government has launched its ambitious Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy, which aims to boost Delhi’s economy, reduce pollution levels and generate employment.  Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal said that it stands as the most progressive in the entire country and the objective is that by 2024, 25% of all new vehicle registrations should be for […]

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Where Are Chargers? But Where Are EVs?

So everyone is worried about charging network! Did we have 60000 petrol pumps decades ago? No. They eventually grew. If there hadn’t been any demand there would have been no increase in stations. With EV in markets, charging infra will develop. They aren’t going to come overnight, they will come slowly. But what we need […]

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New Delhi: These Electric Buses Will Revolutionise The Way You Will Travel

Delhi Government tested electric buses trials and everyone has rave reviews drivers, passengers and charging station specialists.

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Electric Cars vs Petrol Cars

Can this be a long term solution to rising petrol prices?

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Urgent Request to Authorities to take Immediate Peremptory Steps to Prevent Stubble Burning

Draft EIA 2020 not yet finalized; aims to bring violators under regulatory regime: Javadekar to Ramesh

ICYMI: EIA Deadline & Mumbai Monsoon