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The Majestic Forest Reserve Of Dumna Needs Our Help

Spread over just 1800 acres of forested land, the Dumna forest reserve is home to 57 of the 422 mammal species found in India and has 109 varieties of trees. It is located about 40 meters above the town of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh and is governed by the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation. It boasts of […]

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Save Dumna: A Race to Save Lungs of Jabalpur

Dumna Nature Reserve (DNR) is a well preserved, ecologically Habitat located in the city of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the best examples of conservation of an urban forest with a history of over 150 years of conservation. Dumna Nature Reserve or Dumna forest are the lungs of Jabalpur like Aarey forest […]

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Save Dumna: A self-sustaining ecosystem

The Dumna Nature Reserve (DNR) of Jabalpur Municipal Corporation is spread over nearly 1800 acres of forested land on a plateau, about 40 meters above Jabalpur town. It was transferred to the Municipal Committee of Jubbalpore by the provincial government to act as the catchment area for the Khandari lake. The construction of Khandari Dam […]

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