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Chennai Demands its Inclusion In NCAP

Fridays For Future, Chennai has organized a protest on the 29 of November in Chennai asserting the city's inclusion in NCAP

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The Growing Environmental Issues Of Chennai

From the severe water crisis to the rise in pollution levels, the capital city of Tamil Nadu has witnessed some major environmental calamities since the past few years. Apart from that, the Kosasthalaiyar river which is the major water source for Chennai has been “more polluted than industrial effluents”.  It all started with when Chennai […]

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Chennai Deteriorating Air Pollution: A Medical Student’s Perspective

Chennai Detiorating Air Pollution: A Medical Student’s Perspective A week ago, I went to my hostel terrace expecting the engrossing regular view of the harbor, but something was fishy about the night sky. It was not pellucid as it’s wonted. The harbor was barely visible and the light was reflecting everywhere through the particles in […]

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Urgent Request to Authorities to take Immediate Peremptory Steps to Prevent Stubble Burning

Draft EIA 2020 not yet finalized; aims to bring violators under regulatory regime: Javadekar to Ramesh

ICYMI: EIA Deadline & Mumbai Monsoon