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A mother’s greatest fear – Air Pollution

The constant fear of children dying from air pollution related diseases in many parts of the world is taking an upward turn and shows no sign of slowing down in recent times. Mothers walk through polluted air and wonder how the tiny lungs of their children will be able to survive the amount of toxin […]

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Our footprints in the air

Air pollution results from atmospheric pollution which is deleterious to human health and our planet too.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that every year, air pollution is responsible for nearly seven million deaths around the globe. Nine out of ten humans are currently said to breathe air that exceeds the WHO’s guideline limits […]

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Air pollution affecting lung health of school children, reveals findings of a study

Various states of India are slowly resuming schools after a gap of over a year. The skepticism on the spread of COVID-19 remains, but measures are being taken to ensure safety of the children. However, there is another silent killer already present, which has been severely impacting the health of children. A study evaluating the […]

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