Useful Low Cost Air Quality Monitors

There are many low cost air quality monitoring devices available in the market which have the same more or less air quality data.

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Movie Screening and Discussion of Chasing Ice (2012)

Svadhyaya in association with Montage – The Film Society organised the Movie Screening and Discussion of Chasing Ice (2012) on 30th October. The second day of the Earth Summit 2020 saw keen participation of empowering youth, eager to bring forward their feelings and observations stimulated by the movie.  Chasing Ice is an exceptional story of […]

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How dangerous it can be to ignore climate change

People is gonna start caring about the earth when its the end of it and  Its all our fault, We’ve been constantly using fossil fuels at huge proportions and we’re going to soon pay the price, when we talk about Political leaders they refuse to acknowledge what’s going on because they’re not gonna be the […]

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#SatyagrahaAgainstEIA2020: Citizens from across India Perform Environmental Satyagraha

Borrowing a page from Mahatma Gandhi are the youth of India who have pledged to work towards environmental conservation. The union environment ministry has received nearly 17 lakh comments and suggestions to the draft environment impact assessment (EIA) notification 2020. To continue this movement, climate activists are trying different ways to raise their voices against […]

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Sharp Decline In Vulture Population, From 40 Million To 19,000: Prakash Javadekar

The Union Environment Minister says the population of three species of endangered resident Gyps vultures – white-backed vulture, long-billed vulture and slender-billed vulture is 6,000, 12,000 and 1,000, respectively. There has been a sharp decline in the population of vultures in the country which has come down from 40 million to 19,000 in a span […]

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Varanasi: This Hostel Is Taking The 90 Days Challenge To Go Plastic Free

“A city with some of the planet’s most toxic air, Varanasi has done very little to curb air pollution and most plans to clean its air “remain on paper” Varanasi, known for its heritage, has been hitting the headlines for another reason: its growing air pollution. It is dealing with extreme air pollution which has […]

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Earth is drowning in plastic: What can you do?

Need of the hour: Climate Awareness in India

How Biofouling Impacts Vessel Efficiency — And How to Fix It