Reduce your fashion environmental impact in 4 steps

It’s interesting to see how our everyday choices have tremendous impacts on the environment, whether we realize it or not. Right from our food habits, to the way we consume, the products we use, the way we build our houses and the clothes we wear. Collectively, every single habit is adding to the already existing […]

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Why sustainable fashion matters

Recently, with Unlock 1.0, on a drive to look around the city, I came across a landfill that had been there for years. Heaps of mountainous garbage just lying around with some ragpickers looking to recycle plastic bottles. Being a designer and working in the fashion industry for the past few years made me wonder […]

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Sustainable Wardrobe: Why YOU Should Upcycle Your Clothes

“There is no beauty in the finest of cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.” -Mahatma Gandhi Fashion production releases 10% of the world’s carbon emissions, more than international flights and maritime shipping combined. The fashion industry is responsible for 20% of all water pollution worldwide. If the fashion industry continues on its current path, […]

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Easy Ways You Can Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

As we all are locked down, it’s time to do something new and different and most importantly it’s time to do something sustainable. But as I grew up and joined the fashion industry, as a fashion model, my fashion needs and styles evolved more frequently especially as per the seasons, the fashion weeks and the […]

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Conscious Consumerism: How it can affect change and how you can be a Conscious Consumer yourself

In this world of technological advancements, we see everything going at a faster pace. There’s always a race for new and better products. Many of us want to escape it, and we don’t know-how. CONSCIOUS CONSUMERISM is how you can make an impact, at least a small one, which will be a sign of peace. […]

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Garb, Not Garbage: Why Minimising Your Wardrobe is Not Always the Most Sustainable Choice

By getting rid of your old clothes, you’re doing the environment more damage than good.

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Āroka: A Sustainable Fashion Label Fusing fashion with Fair Usage

Āroka essentially symbolises the crack of light that shines through woven cloth, an identity the Mumbai-based sustainable fashion label has embraced since its inception. Āroka aims to be the point of intersection between sticking to tradition and making a statement while contributing to a more conscious, environmentally friendly and just world. So, the label primarily […]

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Sustainable Should Be Your Fashion Statement

We all love fashion. No matter how overrated the prices are and how bad the quality is. If it looks crazy on you, you will want it. So sustainable fashion is not about changing the way you dress, it is about what you wear, where you buy it from and do you really need what […]

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Black Orchid: Where Fashion Flows

We all know what an overstuffed wardrobe with nothing good enough to wear feels like. Black Orchid is the modern conscious way to make that feeling and other associated blues disappear.  I started Black Orchid because I was tired of bad quality clothes that did not last and the lack of options outside of what […]

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How does the draft EIA 2020 affect the environment and us?

Why I Celebrated Rakshabandhan with Trees

Why we oppose Draft EIA 2020: A replica of Rejected Committee Report