Why is ‘Environment Protection’ necessary?

We have been studying Environmental Science since the fourth standard so we all are well versed with the term “environment” and the importance of its preservation. But we fail to understand that still why is it so difficult for humankind to work for its preservation. It has been very difficult to figure out why it […]

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Agriculture and Pandemics: the Correlation

We’re at the beginning of a new era of awakening and action or inaction, and in turn survival or disaster. With the globe becoming smaller and smaller through social media, the truth can no longer remain hidden, and with the pandemic affecting the entire world, it is time to take a look, with a new […]

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The Burning Mental Health of Farmers

This article delves into the topic of the effects of climate change on agriculture and the impact this has on the mental health of farmers

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Locusts spread to 5 states, Delhi issues advisory

Swarms of locusts that entered Rajasthan last month have started to other western and northwestern states, damaging crops and agricultural livelihood after Rajasthan. Till now, five states – Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh are affected by the locust attack. It is said to be the worst locust attack in 27 years. Preparing for […]

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The impact of climate change on India’s agriculture sector

Climate change is already affecting agriculture, with adverse effects on agricultural produce and quality of soil, the effects are unevenly distributed. There is an optimal temperature for a variety of vegetative growth but this is also disturbed due to fluctuations in the temperatures. As per my recent experience, and interactions with a couple of farmers […]

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Authorities Take action On Air Pollution After Delhi Citizens Demand Clean Air

PM Modi has directed the Union agriculture ministry to give priority to farmers of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana when distributing equipment to prevent stubble burning

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From a Murderer to a Vegan!

When you’re born into a Punjabi family, like me, your diet is pretty much dominated by butter/ghee, paneer, and chicken. I grew up savoring the idea of Sundays because I got to feast on butter-laden paneer parathas with a generous dollop of curd, spicy chicken tandoori and my favorite at the time, ice cream sundaes. […]

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The Truth Behind Stubble Burning

Why is Punjab having a tough fight to end stubble burning? Here's all you need to know

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Displaced communities, a result of climate change

Over 870,000 trees planted in Maharashtra to expand and protect tiger habitat

5 easy green swaps to start your sustainable journey