Are renewables really the answer?

We have all come to an agreement that renewables are crucial and are the only way to successfully prevent the doom of this planet. Renewables have become the center key for most democratic candidates who propose investing trillions for it. The solution to global warming seems very clear and straightforward, solar panels on every roof, […]

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The need to discuss environmental expenditure in the upcoming Union Budget

The budget is for our welfare and what is better for us than sustainability?

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Yatra to create awareness on threats faced by Goa from dirty coal

We will be holding a month-long yatra in the State to create awareness of the authorities’ “diabolic” plan to convert Goa into a coal hub through the double-tracking of the railway line.

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Delay in Implementation of Emissions Standards from Coal Plants is Hurting the Health of Our Children – Doctors and Citizen Groups

A latest video released by leading doctors and citizen groups from all over India, showcases that missed deadline of the implementation of the emission standards of coal power plants every year causes irreparable damage to the health of the children. According to the video, missed deadline each year causes an estimated 88,000 cases of childhood […]

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Sample letter on the delay in implementation of the new norms of the air emissions for TPPs

To Hon’ble Chief Minister Hon’ble Minister of HealthHon’ble Minister of Environment & Forest Subject: Concerns about deferment of emission norms of Thermal Power plants Dear Sir,We are a group of concerned citizens with serious concerns on the delay inimplementation of the new norms of the air emissions for Thermal Power Plants (TPP) and its implications […]

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Each state to have at least one solar city: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for each state to have at least one ‘solar city’ whose electricity needs would be met entirely through rooftop solar power. It came in a course of review of the work of the ministries of power and new and renewable energy.  In its statement, Government said, “Instead of looking for a one-size-fits-all […]

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Why I filed a petition to install solar panels in all Government Offices

Pollution has been a cause of concern for all Delhiites, more so in the last decade. The exponential increase in pollution has gone unattended to an extent that now we are dealing with a severe climate crisis. Millions of people are dying and sadly the number is increasing day by day. Political parties, irrespective of […]

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Delhi government drafts policy to make 25% of vehicles electric by 2023

Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2018 aims for 25% of all newly registered vehicles in Delhi to be electric by 2023.

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Rainforest Day 2021: Highlighting the Evergreen Canopies

How to be a sustainable traveler for the planet

Intersectional Environmentalism: Did we get an inclusive lens on climate justice?