Akshaye Singh wins ‘Clean Air Punjab’ Competition

Akshyae Singh, an 18-year-old student from New Delhi has bagged the first prize in the ‘Clean Air Punjab Competition’ organized by letmebreathe.in. His video was crowd-sourced from friends and family in Mohali about air pollution in Punjab and its sources. Air pollution is one of the most pressing issues of Punjab. An interesting point to […]

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Role of Forests in reducing air pollution

We as the human race sometimes think we are a blessing to this planet leading the world to development but actually, we are a curse on this planet leading our entire world to destruction. Nature’s imbalance will be humans’ fatality. Nature is our mother and we owe her our life. We are alive due to […]

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How air pollution is affecting the nature

When the dawn breaks forth, the sunrise ushers in a new hope that triggers the cycle of existence of living beings on the living planet, Earth. The clucking of hen, the chirrup of birds, the squeaking of chipmunks, the sighting of dewdrops, the blossoming of flowers, and ultimately the rush of people towards their work […]

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The city of Chandigarh and its increasing air pollution

I have been in love with the city of Chandigarh always but its degrading air quality is something that worries me. As with many cities in India, Chandigarh has multiple sources of pollution that result in increased levels of PM2.5, PM10 and other harmful chemicals that not just affect the environment but the health of […]

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The issue of air pollution in Punjab

As I am a resident of Derabassi in Mohali, I have witnessed a lot of changes in the pattern of air quality for a few years. The environment of Derabassi has witnessed a lot of changes due to rapid urbanization, industrialization, increase in population, vehicles, and commercialization of land available within the town. The industrial […]

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The issue of vehicular pollution in Punjab

Punjab is a beautiful state with lush green farms and a great environment. But, the issue of air pollution has remained in the state for the longest time. According to the “State of India’s Environment 2021” report, Punjab reported as many as 41,090 deaths attributable to air pollution, which is 18.8% of the total fatalities, […]

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Rainforest Day 2021: Highlighting the Evergreen Canopies

How to be a sustainable traveler for the planet

Intersectional Environmentalism: Did we get an inclusive lens on climate justice?