20 ways to help save the planet

Our planet will never be the same. The 51st Earth Day is a stark reminder of how drastically our environment changed over the years. It’s also a reminder for us to be thankful and embrace our environment by taking further steps to protect its integrity!  Now comes the question: “What can I do? How much […]

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Myths and facts of veganism you should know about

Veganism is a lifestyle choice, an ethical and compassionate one. People turn vegan for different reasons, maybe health, environment, or animal welfare. If you are unsure and swayed by common myths on veganism, here are some facts from a vegan herself: Vegans and vegetarians are the same Fact: Absolutely not! Vegans do NOT consume any […]

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Why going vegan is better for the environment

The moment I started questioning where my food came from, the part of my brain that made sure whatever on my plate was edible, also made sure that whatever was on my plate was ethical and vegan. As I made more and more conscious efforts to eat healthier and more ethically, I learned a lot […]

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Why you should skip meat from your diet

The world today more than ever has been endorsing the adoption of plant-based diets in our lifestyles but how many of us get sensitized towards animals and try to make a transition?

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Kolkata’s First Vegan Community Cafe

We’re taught to think of animals raised for food if we think of them at all— the nameless, faceless herds and flocks. But animals are individuals with unique personalities and emotions. They feel joy, affection, and pleasure, as well as fear, grief, and pain. Like us, they form deep friendships and emotional bonds and like […]

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Be the Imperfect Vegan!

With the current environmental imbalances and heavy exploitation of resources, it is likely for an individual to worry about what our future may look like on this planet. It is also likely for anxiety to creep in. But I would say ‘Do not Panic’, in contradiction to what Greta Thunberg says ‘I want you to […]

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Good Dot: Vegan Alternatives to Meat!

Unfortunately, the food system is the center of a tremendous amount of cruelty toward animals. Despite this, consumers continue to eat meat on account of taste or perceived nutritional fulfillment. However, with current technological improvements and in-depth R&D, it’s possible to take animals out of the meat equation! This benefits the health of the individuals, […]

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Why I Chose Veganism

“In their capacity to feel pain and fear, a pig is a dog is a bear is a boy” –Phillip Wollen November 1st is World Vegan Day, so what better than today to speak about veganism, so come along join me and experience the vegan lifestyle filled with compassion, joy, sharing and caring. In the […]

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Know About Veganism on World Vegan Day

What is veganism? Veganism, the term, was coined back in November 1944 by Donald Watson when he co-founded the Vegan Society in England. The philosophy of veganism rejects the commodity status of animals. He chose the word vegan himself, based on the first three and last two letters of ‘vegetarian’. The new Vegan Society held […]

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Rainforest Day 2021: Highlighting the Evergreen Canopies

How to be a sustainable traveler for the planet

Intersectional Environmentalism: Did we get an inclusive lens on climate justice?