#FiftyForFifty: India’s largest Manifesto for Climate Action

#FiftyForFifty, a digital campaign was launched by Let Me Breathe for the 50th anniversary of Earth day. As a part of it, Let Me Breathe curated India’s largest manifesto on climate action. 1. These steps on ‘awareness’ and ‘personal changes’ lead the road to make Earth Day every day 2. Start from your home! It’s […]

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#LetChennaiBreathe: A Campaign to fight Air Pollution in Chennai

Let Me Breathe and Vettiver Collective collaborated for a campaign #LetChennaiBreathe to highlight the deteriorating air quality in Chennai and to pressurize the authorities to include Chennai in the NCAP

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The letter to the White House on Climate Emergency

The impact of vehicular emissions on air pollution

Decline in wildlife to action on climate change – The Weekly Wrap