Burger king / aditya dubey

Aditya has managed to change the world in his own way. Calling out corporates for flouting environmental norms or creating citizen’s agendas for environment action. This 16-year old is passionate about saving the planet and does it all by himself.

‘Single-Use Plastic’ has emerged as one of biggest environmental challenges for our planet. It’s cheap, useful, ubiquitous and unfortunately very deadly.

The fact that it’s non-biodegradable and is recycled in very small percentages, means that our planet is with the passage of time becoming a big dumping ground for single-use plastic.

In August-September, 2019, in an attempt to play a role in the reduction of single-use plastic, student environmentalist, Aditya Dubey wrote/tweeted to various hotels, food chains, restaurants, bottled water companies, etc. to make a commitment to aim for zero single-use plastic.

Burger King has committed to the reduction of plastic usage in the United Kingdom and Singapore where there was consumer pressure on them to act.

However, in spite of our repeated requests, Burger King refused to make any such commitments for India. This double standard and discrimination sealed the answer to the question as to where should the protests should start.

Aditya along with other student environmentalists held a peaceful protest on 27th September 2019 at 5:00 PM at the Burger King Outlet, Select City Walk, Saket, against their refusal to give up single-use plastic.

During the protest, made the customers aware about the unfair, discriminatory and anti-environment practice being followed by Burger King.

Soon after, the burger king issued a statement saying they are committed to reducing plastic usage and have already launched multiple initiatives to this effect.