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Vincent JF Huang
Vincent J.F. Huang is a Taiwanese eco artist notable for his collaboration with the country of Tuvalu, which is forecast to be the first nation to disappear due to sea level rise, and his selection as the first Taiwanese artist to create a National Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Huang also acted as an official delegate for the country of Tuvalu at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change during the 2012 COP18 session in Doha, Qatar, and caught media attention even earlier due to his guerrilla-style artworks and urban installations in the United Kingdom, Tuvalu, and Europe. Huang works primarily in the medium of visual art, especially sculpture and painting, and uses black humor and allusions to classical Chinese stories and images to contemplate the consequences of human consumption and the dangers of climate change.
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A special art installation at the recently concluded COP26 captured the imagination of delegates and attendees alike. It was life-size polar bears wearing orange life jackets and migrating from the arctic due to melting ice-caps, as a result of climate change. The installation was done by Taiwanese eco artist, Vincent J F Huang, who has […]
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