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Varun Kumar and Sweta Bhushan
Sweta and Varun are architects interested in research and writing. They focus on issues pertaining to the built and unbuilt environment, in addition to public affairs. Sweta is currently a fellow to Anant University whereas Varun is pursuing studies in governance and humanities. Connect with the authors on instagram at @swetab1.184 and @varunwaskumar
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(This is the last article in a series of three articles on the issue of Himalayan climate change. Read the second article here.) The emergency of the Himalayan climate risks, now having been illuminated and described, has already received professed remedial policies. The global and regional development watchdogs, United Nations Development Programs (UNDP), and the International […]
This is the second in the series of three soft-research based articles to bring to light the climate risks surrounding the Himalayas. It brings out the modes of disintegration that the Himalayas have been going through, as recorded by reports by scientists.
Gathering unheard eco-anxious voices and the Climate Risks growing in the Himalayas remind the world of how there is a third pole too falling apart. This article captures the core reasons why it is now a growing emergency. It is co-authored by Varun Kumar and Sweta Bhushan, two eco-anxious architects working on bringing to light climatic risks that shouldn't be unprioritized.
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