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Tejas Mahajan
Tejas is an ex-mariner and an aspiring singer. Currently, he is working with Reap Benefit in Capacity Building of Youngsters to tackle local civic and environmental problems.
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Yes! we all agree that there is a scarcity of water in Chennai. Most of us will agree that we need to be more proactive in tackling the issue. Some of us take the initiative and talk about it. Only a few of us will actively participate in the actions needed to be taken.  All […]
14th January 2020: Alarm rang at 0700hrs. The window showed a cold foggy morning. I was soon lulled back to slumber in the comfortable bubble of my bedroom. When the fog was significantly visible at 08:30, as I stepped out of my house, is when my senses went haywire. It was the middle of January […]
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