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Tanya Arora
Tanya is a sophomore, studying environmental engineering at Delhi Technological University. She’s currently heading the research team at Svadhyaya Youth Organisation.
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‘Avoiding A Climate Disaster by Bill Gates’ is a book not only for the environmentalists. It’s for the businessmen who invest billions in the wrong technology. For the politicians and lawmakers who control the country’s legislature, for scientists, engineers, and designers who need to come up with ideas and technology for the future and most […]
Svadhyaya in association with Montage – The Film Society organised the Movie Screening and Discussion of Chasing Ice (2012) on 30th October. The second day of the Earth Summit 2020 saw keen participation of empowering youth, eager to bring forward their feelings and observations stimulated by the movie.  Chasing Ice is an exceptional story of […]
The panelists respected Miss.Sumaira Abdulali, Mr. Ashish Kothari, Mr.Nigel Topping and Mr. Uchita were introduced to the audience by the moderator Mr.Sanjeev.  The session started, by Mr.Sanjeev posing a question to each moderator, starting with Mr. Nigel Topping.  The question posed to Mr. Nigel “Environmental pollution and climate change are one of the biggest threats […]
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