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Soumi Ghosh
Soumi Ghosh is currently a senior at Jamia Millia pursuing her masters in human rights and duties and also volunteers at Svadhyaya to play her part in a bigger movement.
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According to the UN Factsheet, there are more than 370 million Indigenous people spread across 70 countries around the world. The word ‘Indigenous’ refers to the peoples or communities who originally inhabited land or place before it was conquered by the colonial societies. In other words, Indigenous peoples are the earliest known original or first […]
Ecofeminism: Bringing Together Feminism and Environmentalism Ecofeminism is more than just a term. The concept emerged during the Second Wave of the feminist movement when a French feminist Françoise d’Eaubonne coined the term in 1974. The purpose of this movement is to link and augment the environmental and feminist movements. It seeks to establish a […]
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