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Shreya Singha Ray and Ritobroto Moitra
Shreya is a high school teacher by profession teaching food and nutrition. Travel documentation, Journaling, and wildlife photography are her main interests. Ritobroto is a PSU employee based in Kolkata, who loves to capture moments of nature and its inhabitants. Travelling to different parts of India and being amidst the wilderness gives immense pleasure to her.
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Ever heard of Wild bears visiting a temple? They are taking ‘prasad’ from priests and roaming freely in the temple premises? People taking selfies with them and surprisingly they are not hurting humans or vice versa? As strange as it might sound, All these are actually happening somewhere in India and that too in the […]
Tucked in an isolated place of North-East India, wrapped up with semi-evergreen forests, guarded by the long prideful Hoollong trees, embraced with carols of birds, one will suddenly be startled with a weird yet exotic chant in the unique wildlife destination Hoollongapar Gibbon sanctuary. That strange chant will adrift from one tree to another ambushed […]
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