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Shiladitya Sinha
Alongside writing, both professionally and for leisure, I cherish the experiences of music, reading, and cinema, while also being perpetually eager to interact with people’s lives and cultures.
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As COVID-19 drove vehicles off the road, the air became cleaner and the sky bluer. Yet, do we realise why or how we must sustain the change?
Plastic—a problem so grave, so omnipresent … for a while, I sat staring at the blank document, unable to decide where and how to begin, incapacitated by the images of garbage-clogged water bodies, toxin-exposed garbage collectors, monstrous facilities, choking birds, and turtles with straws stuck in their nostrils. These, among many other atrocities, haunt me […]
When it comes to dealing with air pollution, Kolkata is peculiar. Despite the impending crisis, there is an absurd ban on cycling along 64 of its arterial roads.
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