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Shambhavi Yamgar
Shambhavi is a 16-year-old girl diving into different aspects of life like spirituality, fitness, music and most importantly, self-improvement. She aspires to explore new dimensions of life and help everyone to be the greatest versions of them. She also runs her youtube channel
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I would like to start off by narrating an incident from my life. These were my initial days in Mumbai. One evening, I returned to my room from college. As soon as I opened the door and stepped my foot inside the room, I sensed a huge difference and disconnection. The air outside the room […]
Human beings, at least on this planet, are the most sophisticated and complex form of creation. Being humans, we have been blessed with the ability to consciously change according to changing situations as well as to bring about changes as per our will. By the grace of this ability, we went on making changes around […]
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